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Your favorite draft pick this year

Originally posted by JD81:
I think that Iupati is the safest pick....He may be a Pro-Bowl player for years to come....

But my favorite pick is Mays. He and Goldson should form one of the most physical safety duos in the game. Both are very rangy, hard hitting, and are one play away from changing the outcome of a game.

Honorable mention: LeRoy Vann. This kid will be quite the pleasant surprise....

Our offense and defense are going to be so much fun to watch woot woot
Here's the video of Sing introducing Mays incase anyone hasn't seen it yet
I am super excited about the big guys, and am rooting for Mays hard. One of my favorite addition is Leroy Vann. That dude goes from 0->full speed in a snap. Watching his PR highlights was astonishing. He's on you like that!! I am rooting for him to be something. Obviously he did it against inferior competition, but dayum dudes got some Barry Sanders like acceleration.
Kyle Williams!!
Originally posted by TeambyTheBay:
Pick only one. For me, it's Taylor f**ken Mays. He sounds like he wants rep the Niners to the fullest. He wants to be the best and he believes in our organization.I just love his attitude, physicality, and smarts . He's just a bright person on and off the field. I just love this pick.

Once I get my hands on a 23 jersey, imma CAWP!

If Mays had smarts; he could play in space; he would have some coverage skills. I'm not sure what those smarts are that you refer to.
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Anthony Davis if he plays to his potential he could be the steal of the draft.
When i watched mays run that 4.24 at the that he's ours.....thats my favorite
Iupati and coming in a close second is Mays.
Iupati is by far the 'safest' pick and should see the field a ton for the next several years. I really like the Mays pick but fear the bust potential...strong safeties have to have some awareness off the pass also and his highlight reels are full of him getting burned badly. If he does pan out, though, no question our secondary will be a lot scarier.
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Iupati and a close 2nd Davis.

Originally posted by AC49er:
The Samoan Steamroller
I really the Kyle Williams pick. I was hoping for Mardy Gilyard, but this dude is damn good too.
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