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9ners up next on nfl network...

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boring just said good picks singletary guys....fysical guys

or would that be fhysical?

Doesn't matter, as long as it starts with an F.

why would it be fhysical and not fysical?

Because its "physical"... lol

I think the reason its fysical is the "ph" makes the F sound... so you replace both... Thats just my two cents
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I think the Seahags had an AWESOME draft. Dangit if they didn't get better in a hurry this weekend. Now let's see if ol' Petey can coach em up at the next level.

The 49ers are poised to take this division and we added the pieces that we needed to make a serious run. My biggest concern is that we are thin at CB. Hopefully the 49ers are on the phone with Bly.

I would like to see Bly brought back as well.

What I would love is if we could get the Raiders to trade us CB N.Asu(how the F*** do you spell his name?). Maybe we send them a 2nd/4th/6th in next years draft?

Draft was GREAT our OL is now FIXED. Staley returning from injury, Iutapi to play beside him at LG HUGE upgrade on the left side. Davis fills a big need at RT our weakest position on the team last year IMO.

We finally just pulled the trigger and said enough is enough. We're not signing some 30+ year old coming off an injury OT or draft a 2nd round OG. We stepped up and got a top tier OT, and the best OG in the draft.

Mays can play a role off the bench behind Lewis and learn. I think he will also add alot on our ST coverage units. This guy could be a steal worst case he's probably another M.Lewis.

Nararro was a steal! In most drafts he would have went 2nd round. Take away the fact this is a deep draft and his character concerns he might be a 1st round pick in alot of drafts.

We got our blocking TE, depth at PR/KR which I know drew criticism but think about this. Ginn gets hurt week 2 and is on IR, Brandon Jones replaces him as the PR. Could you stomach that? I'm glad the organization can't either.

I actually like the UDFA RB we signed better than teh guy we drafted but whatever we got 2 RB's. Gore needs to try and extend his career by letting the team spot play a couple of other backs. I would prefer if the team would have drafted a faster/shiftier back but those backs don't seem to fit w/Sing/Raye.

Overall I give the draft an A- the - because we didn't get a CB. I really hope we are able to add one before TC, we need depth at a minimum.

in order for him to come over i would want to renegotiate his contract. its something ridiculous.

Get him and demand Clements renegotiate or release him/include him in the trade? Probably more realistic is we sign someone released sometime during/after TC.

you do know nnamdi is owed 16mill next year?!
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