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Article -Why No Corner??

  • Walsh
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Originally posted by Elric:
what do you mean we didn't draft a corner Mays is startingout at corner. Did you hear?

haha. you got me. i admit we may not try out Mays at corner.
  • Walsh
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Originally posted by nvninerfan1:
Originally posted by Walsh:
I would have loved grabbing a corner in the 2nd and couldn't understand why we didn't get one until I saw this article. That being said, I love the picks we did get. Mays is Ronnie Lott's favorite college safety and Bowman was once considered a first round pass rusher. Here's to long careers for these guys!

Mighty tasty Koolaid, isn't it. When the buzz wears off we still won't have a TED to replace Spikes. We also won't have a coverage safety, or a tackler. We'll have a hitter. You see the difference between Ronnie and Taylor Mays is that Ronnie also
tackled and was a ball hawk.

Sorry. Safety position is a bigger need than TED. M. Lewis has too many concussions not to address the position. We also have 2 bodies backing up Spikes that are better than the bodies backing up Lewis. Do you disagree?

Hey, we'd all like to have Ronnie Lott back on the field but last time I checked he retired. Mays had the highest potential on the board. Besides, he hates the Seagulls and wants to do harm. I like it!