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******* 49ers Draft Grade so far (Vote) *******

******* 49ers Draft Grade so far (Vote) *******

My vote is an A. It would be higher if it wasn't for Taylor mays. Oh well.
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I gave it a B because we got Mays or I would have given them a C
An A
and could possibly be an A+ if we can package our 6th and 7th and next years 3rd to get Ansah or another CB.
We addressed our major problem with O-Line and safety!

Originally posted by NinersFo6:
I gave it a B because we got Mays or I would have given them a C

lol so ur not happy with our first round? That is the best part of our draft
Originally posted by 49ersalldaway126:
Originally posted by NinersFo6:
I gave it a B because we got Mays or I would have given them a C

lol so ur not happy with our first round? That is the best part of our draft

fo real
Originally posted by DynastyPart2:
We addressed our major problem with O-Line and safety!

The FO addressed our team needs while still getting great value for our picks. Best draft in years! A
I give it an A+

I don't care what we do in the last day....we picked up two great lineman to improve the weakest part of our team...then on the 2nd day we pick up Mays to be out SS and be that intimidating force in the defensive backfield that all great teams have.

No WR is going to want to go over the middle on us with Mays sitting back there...and you think anyone is going to run him over if they get by P Willie....Hell No!

I love this draft and cant wait for the season to start
this draft couldn't have gone any better...especially the first round. mays was a steal, and was a first round talent had he came out last year. i think our offense will be putting up some big points, and we'll all love the mays pick if lewis gets another concussion.....the best thing of all is now we can say goodbye to mark roman the worst safety in the league

lets review, this draft has yielded: two 320+ lb. road graders, a hard hitting feared prescence at safety, an athletic and versatile LB. OH YEAH, and a real return threat (Ginn). uhhh anyone that doesnt think this is the best draft in many years is waaaay to demanding of a fan and/or plays way too much madden.
This draft is an A. If you would have told me before the draft we get this I would have been thrilled.

1A) Anthony Davis
1B) Mike Iupati
2) Taylor Mays
3) Navarro Bowman

5th Rounder) Ted Ginn Jr.

This is a great draft. The 2 O linemen can start from day one. Mays is underrated on this board IMO and can still turn out great. Bowman is a stud. We get a real good guy for our KR/PR game and a from time to time deep threat.

If we get nothing else this draft is phenomenal.

Who needs Scot M?....
I'd give it a B so far.

An A for the first day, if you include the Thursday draft and pre-draft trade for Ginn.

A C- for today. Mays is not the coverage safety we need, and we drafted another LB without a position. Not impressed with today's efforts, except for acquiring an additional 6th rounder this year and a 4th rounder next year.

The team could have made a move and given up their second and third rounder to jump up and draft Nate Allen, who would have anchored our back end for 6-8 years. To emerge with three solid starters and some role players in the final two rounds is better than two solid picks in the first, a guy who may need to convert to LB not long into the NFL in Mays, and a 4-3 backer (at 6' 1/2", who cannot rush the passer, and who has character issues) in Bowman.

We already have a guy who can hit, in Goldson. We need someone who can cover. From all reports during the Senior Bowl week, Mays greatly struggled being able to cover anyone, looked stiff on the field, and did not react well to practice or game situations. He's a pretty guy who runs fast in a straight line and hits hard, but is not a good football player.

All of this being said, just as I criticized the selections of Cody Wallace, Chilo Rachal, Kentwan Balmer, Jason Hill and Glenn Coffee, I cheer for each of these guys to be terrific players that match the value of the pick. I sincerely hope I am wrong about Mays, and that he becomes a superb player in the NFL. At the same time, I have to be honest with my assessment.
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I gave it an F, too many reaches, not enough immediate help for a team that THINKS it can make the play offs. This is a coach killing draft. We filled needs at O-line that we could have filled through free agency with guys who MIGHT be ready. We appear to have loaded up with talent to run the most boring Singletary run run punt offense ever, great more predictable play calling coming soon! Bad draft bad direction bad coaching bad ownership, the only thing this team has going for it is us die hard fans!

We filled the needs Mel Kiper and all the media whores said we should! That spells trouble.

We still lack speed on both sides of the ball at way too many positions!
We still lack a RB that spreads the defense
We still lack a speed Wide out Ted Ginn really is a kick returner, thats all.
We are still one D-linemen short of having 3 starter for our 3-4
We still lack a pure pass rush OLB
We still lack a speed CB
But we have to frickin awesome prospects at O-line!

Hope I am way wrong, even if I am not I will still root for my beloved Niners!
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