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It was obviously Nate Allen for anyone who didn't see or hear about the live draft room feed.

please give detail

As soon as Nate Allen was said (by La Confora before the actual announcement), Trent Baalke looked up at the ceiling for a few second in a 'stay calm' move and then did a 'damnit' body flex.

The room had been calm with occasional comments back and forth until then and then switched to lots of activity, pivoting around to go over the board, discussing things intensely etc.

it sucks we couldn't move up if we wanted him that bad. Not to criticize the jump from 13 to 11, but it makes you wonder...

Yeah, I don't think the 49ers needed to move up to get Davis. And I know that Davis was "their guy" but we were for sure going to get either Davis or Bulaga. I would have saved my 4th rounder and rolled the dice that Davis was going to fall to us at 13. If anyone was going to trade up for an OT, I think it would have been Bulaga, not Davis.

This move ultimately screwed us from trading up to get Nate Allen.

they said trent williams and davis were the OT's they were targetting. bulaga wouldnt have been the pick. they wanted more physical OTs