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And the Al Davis award goes to...

And the Al Davis award goes to...

Originally posted by ncninerfan:
The Jags get my WTF award for the most ill-conceived first-round pick.

To add insult to the injury, the niners called to trade up up with them, bu they said no. They could have picked up a forth, and paid Alualu less money!

Still-kudos to Al Davis for not drafting as daffy like yesteryear, I actually had them pegged in the draft contests as taking RM.

If Al was smart they would have gone OL and taken Claussen in round two to end the JR experiment. Still say what you want about the Raiders a strong def got stronger, but they have no O

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in general the pick of thomas over bryant is very dumb, but in the special case broncos/marshall it was obvious that josh wont pick bryant...
the dumbest pick by far is alualu/jax,followed by cj spiller/ absolutely nothing against spiller, but RB isnt a need for the bills at all...but they could fill a need like at qb, ot or nt...this franchise is dead for the next season.
The Bills move makes sense. Why is that on there? They have old a$$ Jackson and Lynch who they are fed up with and may trade. And, both are downhill runners. Spiller isn't. So, either way, he's a compliment. Not the Bills most pressing need but it makes sense.
Originally posted by BurritoSmuggler:
So, either way, he's a compliment. Not the Bills most pressing need but it makes sense.
1)you can get a compliment in later rounds, too
2)not the biggest need BY FAR...their needs are qb, ot and nt and much much more. that is a luxury pick and the bills isnt a team which can afford luxury picks so early.
at first you need a qb and solid trenches...the bills have neither the one nor the other. the bills can count themself lucky if they get clausen and/or a OT.
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