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Guys You Wanted to 'Slip'

Originally posted by valrod33:
never let me slip cuz if i slip then im slippin

and if I got my nina then you know I'm straight trippin
Kindle has injury concerns that are starting to come out. We'll see which team clears him but sounds like he may need microfracture surgery.

I hated seeing Hughes to go Indy :( He was my favorite player in the draft and I hate the damn Colts.
Originally posted by mayo63:
I want Kindle, bad.

NOOOOOOOOOO to kindle. There is a reason why he dropped so much and after reading about his knees and a possibility of having microfracture surgery, I say we pass!!!!!!
Originally posted by BurritoSmuggler:
Best... Can't believe the lions jumped up to grab him. Smart move on their part.

best will be a BEAST on the turf
Originally posted by valrod33:
Originally posted by mayo63:
Kindle won't get close to 49, he's probably the BPA to open the 2nd round.

this, and i want Mays but rumors going around that the Vikings are gonna take him with the 2nd pick

I want to get Spikes in the 3rd

I forgot all about spikes!
There is a lot of talent in this draft.
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