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Ricky Sapp?

I don't understand why he isn't getting more play in the webzone. To me he is a guy that has good pass rushing skills and has overcome his injury. I think he could help as a reserve and posably develop into a starter. He likely can be had in the second or third round at decent value. He seems like a guy who could really help us. If I am missing something with my evaluation, please let me know. How does he compare to Koa Misi? Thanks.
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If he lasts till the 3rd i hope they take him. I forgot who was saying it earlier but they were talking about Cowher and the steelers pass rushers. Said he wouldnt spend lower picks on them let them sit and get coached and they would become good pass rushers. This is an approach I hope we begin to mirror and Sapp would be a good start to that.
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