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Originally posted by dj43:
Clausen will be one of the first 7 picks off the board tomorrow. It would take a 4th or a player like David Baas to move up to get him. Either way, that is too much to pay for a guy that four teams that desparately need QBs already passed on.

So David Baas and #49 is too much to give for Clausen?

I get a feeling everyone is going to think Baas is worth a 4th for the next 2 days.
Originally posted by Jcool:
i think it was Jason LaCanfora who said on NFL Network that Jimmy Clausen go no lower then our 2nd round pick

It was, i heard the same statement. I hope to trade ahead of the Raidettes to grab Taylor Mays.
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Baas and our 2nd rounder would be a steal to get Clausen. There isnt a valid argument against it. In order to be a great team 90% of the time you need a franchise qb. Alex Smith will never be that guy. Lets take a risk
Is Matt Schaub '09 a franchise QB?

Because I think Alex can put up those kinds of td/int numbers now that he has all the pieces he has continuity on offense, and all the pieces he needs minus a slot receiver, I guess.
Originally posted by billystrong8:
Why not try and trade up and take a risk on him? I feel as though if we can move up and take him in the 2nd it would be highway robbery. I still like A. Smith but he isn't going to ever be a franchise QB. I might be the only one but I think its well worth it.

What is with all the Claussen talk? Alex Smith is our guy, plain and simple. He can make all the throws, is athletic, and for the FIRST TIME is entering a season with the same offense and same coordinator. Let's see what he can do. If it doesn't work out then we'll go get Jake Locker or Ryan Mallet next year
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I didn't realize Houston was a GREAT team!
Originally posted by billystrong8:
I didn't realize Houston was a GREAT team!

I was just making the reference based off of individual stats. I mean, Drew Brees put up huge numbers years before winning the SB this year, it's a team game after all.
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Morgan Burnett>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Jimmy Clausen

Me thinks.
Originally posted by billystrong8:
He wont be there at 49.


Originally posted by WillistheWall:
Originally posted by TheGoldStandard:
If we trade up the only name I want to hear is Sergio Kindle.


we need a Narcoleptic LB like we need a poke in the eye.

Willis, Spikes, Lawson, Haralson, Brooks, LaBoy, McKillop, Wilhelm, etc

come on dude, why would we draft a benchie LB in the early 2nd over a DB who could potentially play NOW and help us?
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I think Clausen will go to the Vikings in the 2nd Rd. Favre will play 1 more year and Clausen will soak in as much as possible. Trading up for Taylor Mays or Sergio Kindle would be ideal.

Alex Smith is going to get his shot this year running the team. If he fails (as I am predicting) we can always go after a QB in next years draft. I believe it is supposed to be deep at the QB position. If 49ers stay and Clausen is available at #49 (highly unlikely) and neither of the 2 guys mentioned previously are available then I say pull the trigger on him...but I say that with a large amount of hesitation because I still say we go after more secondary.

Either way the 49ers have done an excellent job thus far!
He will not be a 49er people get over it
Originally posted by valrod33:
He will not be a 49er people get over it

thank you susweel is all over Clausen's jugulars.
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I wonder if we are planning on still moving Lawson or Baas in the draft to obtain those mid-round picks that we lost during the trades.
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