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Why not try and trade up and take a risk on him? I feel as though if we can move up and take him in the 2nd it would be highway robbery. I still like A. Smith but he isn't going to ever be a franchise QB. I might be the only one but I think its well worth it.
If GMs really liked Clausen that much dude would've been a first round pick. I don't think a lot of GMs think he's a franchise QB. Just because he's a popular name you all like him. He might be a good player but he doesn't make us better this year.
  • billystrong8
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Yeah he may not make us better this year but in the future he may make us great. Gm's miss all the time I mean look at Brady or Brees neither one went in the first.
take him at 49 if he is there and all DB's are off the board
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He wont be there at 49.
I like Clausen, but I also think the stars are finally aligned for Smith to break out this year. OC continuity, a legit OL hopefully, and a couple stud receivers.
id rather keep smith and i dont see him passing the raiders bills or browns in R2
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I just really have high hopes for Clausen. I still think we should take the risk
Doubt we draft a Qb this year maybe next year!
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Clausen will be one of the first 7 picks off the board tomorrow. It would take a 4th or a player like David Baas to move up to get him. Either way, that is too much to pay for a guy that four teams that desparately need QBs already passed on.

If we trade up the only name I want to hear is Sergio Kindle.
Originally posted by TheGoldStandard:
If we trade up the only name I want to hear is Sergio Kindle.

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i think it was Jason LaCanfora who said on NFL Network that Jimmy Clausen go no lower then our 2nd round pick
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