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Predict where Jimmy Clausen will go

[ Edited by zillabeast on Apr 22, 2010 at 10:48 AM ]
Originally posted by teeohh:
30 to minnesota!

That is what I am starting to think. Talk about an Aaron Rodgers type steal if that happens.
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Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
clausen will go to the 49ers

After getting Bulaga and Haden, Baalke will trade back into the 1st round ahead of Minnesota and grab Clausen.
I think he slides into the teens and MN trades up to get him. Only problem is that I think they'll try to trade up after the 13 pick with the goal of getting in front of us at 17.
Originally posted by PatrickJira411:
Man im starting to hear 26 to Arizona, 30 to Minnesota.... What a steal he would be at that point.

I still think he goes in the top 20, maybe 18 to Pitt, slim chance 17 to San Fran

I predict he goes too high because teams will always reach for a QB. Especially in a draft that is not rich in QB's.
I got Buffalo in my mock. A lot of teams (like the niners) might just be waiting till next year to see if they need a QB when there will be a lot of first round QB's.
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I think Minnesota trades up to get him, similar to the way the Jets moved up to get Sanchez, except it will be in the teens.
If not to us, then he'll free fall and some team will trade up to grab him. I could see Jacksonville.

I think the Niners take Clausen if he is still there at 17.
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not even 1st round talent but someone will take a chance on him I'd guess top 10
Originally posted by zillabeast:


Yep. He is going to be a RAIDDDDAAAAAAAAa uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh...
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Originally posted by IdentityCrisis:
4 to the skins. Whaaaaaaaat?

Originally posted by AB83Rules:
I feel like this, if he is their at 17, we need to get on that phone with MINNESOTA and get there 2nd rd pick and 30th pick and trade back. And they take Clausen.

I say Buffalo, but if he is there do what is said above and hope Thomas/Haden/Graham drop to 17
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