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Scouts Inc 7 round mock

Originally posted by valrod33:
Im only gonna post the 49ers picks since its an espn insider article but i will post the link for those that may be insiders

13. Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame
This is the area where Clausen truly comes into play, and with the top four offensive tackles off the board and CB Joe Haden a bit of a reach at this point, Clausen could be the best option barring a trade.

17. Joe Haden, CB, Florida
There is no offensive tackle on the board who is worth the pick so San Francisco fills another top need with the most athletic cornerback in this year's class.

49. Taylor Mays, S, USC

79. Jason Worlids OLB Virginia tech

113. Clay Harbor TE Missouri State

182. Andre Dixon RB UCONN

206 Thomas Welch OT Vanderbilt

224. Mike McLaughlin ILB Boston College

SO we ingore our biggest need (OL) until pick 206

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Thankfully, he'll be wrong.
No Clausen!!!!!!!!!
If this happens, they better hope that Boone can be a starting RT. Im not going to hold my breath.
It would be awesome to get Mays in the 2nd but there is no way that happens
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