1 Stl= Bradford ( other would be to trade to Cle, but Holmgren said he would have to give the ranch for this to happen!! also trade with Wash. but not likely

2. Det= Suh ( other= trade for Haynesworth and take Okung)

3. TB= Mccoy ( other= Suh, Berry

4. Wash= Okung ( other= rumors of taking Williams due to the zone blocking or trade for Bradford

5. KC= Bulaga ( most have him lower due to his short arms. I think he is a road grader myself!! other= Berry

6. Sea= Spiller ( this could go in any direction so this is tough!! Spiller is too dynamic and fast to fall in the teens!! other= T. Williams, Clausen, Berry

7. Cle= Berry ( would have been Haden but he has fell and Holmgren said he didn't see them getting Clausen, but it could be smoke screen. other= Mcclain

8. Oak= T. Williams ( finally could be a smart move by Al for once!!
other= Morgan, Mcclain, A.Davis also trade rumors involving Kirk Morrison

9. Buf= Clausen ( they need OL bad, but QB is also a need and Clausen is a cold weather QB!! other= A. Davis, Bulaga

10. Jax= Morgan ( almost last in sacks a yr ago def. a need for that!! possible trade down as well. other= Pierre Paul, Mcclain, Clausen

11. Den= Mcclain ( Mcdaniels is sneaky so don't be surprised to see Tebow on the roster!! other= Bryant, Haden

12. Mia= Pierre-Paul ( a Jason Taylor clone and a need
other= Spiller and trade R. Brown, Graham, Dan Williams

13. SF** Joe Haden ( he has dropped by many, but it is a need and there are some OL left to get later!! our other options are obviously Spiller, A.Davis, Bulaga or trade up and get what we really want

14. Sea= Charles Brown ( he is a Trojan and is a hot pick as of late!!
other= Clausen, Bryant, A.Davis, Paul

15. NYG= Graham ( fills a need a LB seems to me like a nice fit!!
other= Paul, Kindle, Pouncey

16. Ten= Kindle ( D is an obvious pick here with Bullock aging LB is a need as well as DE. other= Paul, Graham, Odrick, E. Thomas

17. SF** Iupati ( I would have Davis here, but Iupati is more dynamic and we could shift him around more than Davis!! 2nd need accomplished!!
other= Davis, E. Thomas, Kyle Wilson or trade out

18. Pit= E. Thomas ( this could go a number of ways, they also need OL and CB, but Thomas is the BPA!! other= Pouncey, K. Wilson, A. Davis

19. ATL= Weatherspoon ( I have read alot of them loving this guy so we will see!! other= Mays, Graham, Gresham, Kindle

20. Hou= R. Mathews ( a need at CB due to Dunta leaving could def. happen too!!
other= K. Wilson, E. Thomas, Mays, Kareem Jackson

21. Cin= Dez Bryant ( some of the so called top picks fall every yr. and this is one!!
fills a need and we know how they love troubled players!! other= Gresham, Kindle, Golden Tate

22. NE= Gresham ( Watson left and no clear backup should be the pick here!!
other= Graham, Bryant, Tebow, Kindle

23. GB= A. Davis ( this is #2 of my players that fall and this one is just the luck of the draw and fills a need considering Rodgers stayed on his back all season!!!
other= C. Brown, Bruce Campbell, Jerry Hughes, Kareem Jackson

24. Phi= T. Mays ( Sheldon Brown traded, Samuels can't tackle, injuries at LB so that is also a area of need!! they also would love to trade into the teens for Earl Thomas other= Weatherspoon, K. Wilson, K. Jackson

25. Bal= Jared Odrick ( he is hot of late and is attending the draft. Bal need to get young on defense!! other= K. Wilson, Gresham, Bryant, Mccourty

26. Ari= Jerry Hughes ( Dansby went to Mia so... a need is LB/DE and Hughes is rising!! other= K. Wilson, Mccourty, Patrick Robinson

27. Dal= Bruce Campbell ( Tackle is a need as well as safety and this pick seems to fit Jerry Jones to a T!! other= Mays, Bryant, Tebow

28. SD= Dan Williams ( DT is a need and or RB and this is the BPA among DT's other= R. Mathews, Jahvid Best, Brian Price

29. NYJ= Devin Mccourty ( adds return game insurance and Cromartie insurance!! this team is pretty complete now so this pick is tough!! other= Odrick, Tate, Griffen

30. Min= Kareem Jackson ( CB is a pretty big need along with RB2 and QB2 so dont' be shocked to see Tebow here!!! other= Tebow, Mathews, Best, P. Robinson

31. Indy= Pouncey ( other= Griffen, Price, Daryl Washington

32. N.O= Brian Price ( other= Weatherspoon, Griffen, Nate Allen