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Barrows latest mock

Not OT in the first? Hmm
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Picking up Dan Williams or a DT in the first round would be straight stupid.

We still have a year of Aubrayo and I'd rather get a DT next season.

That need isn't big enough to warrant a first rounder.
That'd be a heckuva 1st rd...but, I'll be very surprised if Miami doesn't grab Williams...especially w/Nolan running their defense now. He'd be a perfect pick to anchor their 3-4.
Just say no to Dan Williams!
Originally posted by PatrickJira411:
Just say no to Dan Williams!

That mock would suck balls. Doesn't really address our needs at all. Still don't have a 3rd corner or a safety replacement for MIke Lewis if he gets hurt again, and we still don't have a right tackle. Barf.
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Originally posted by English:
Originally posted by Walsh:
The only way I would not take an OT in Rd1 is if Boone shows he will start at RT. Otherwise, Iupati would have to shine at RT in his first season for this to be a good idea.

My thinking is if we take Iupati that high we're going to spend a season trying to make him into a RT. Better to take Campbell or Charlie Brown over Iupati. If we want a project at RT, then we might as well take Campbell. At least he plays the position and was a combine warrior.

My nightmare is we take Iupati and try to fit him into RT and he plays slightly better than Snyder. We won't know if he's going to get better until the next season. Baas once again plays lukewarm for a season. Now, what do we draft next year? A Tackle? A guard? Both? Do you stick with the Iupati tackle project or do you give it up and shove him back in the guard position? It's a recipe for disaster.

Take Iupati. Play him in place of Baas. Draft a tackle in the second round. Start Simms and develop the tackle this season. O line: sorted!

It works in theory but you're going to pass up some Grade A pass rushers and strong guards in the 2nd hoping a good OT falls. If they drafted Iupati as a guard to be a guard, I could respect the pick. I'll throw up if the guy struggles at RT for a whole season when he might be a probowl guard at this level.
Originally posted by brucesf49:
I wouldn't be against trading up into top 10 with one of our 1st and our 2nd (#49) to grab an OT. That would leave us with a 1st (maybe still get Mike Iupati), 3rd, 4th, 2 6th and a 7th. I think we could cover the rest of our needs with these remaining picks.

This type of aggressiveness would also give me more faith that the front office is looking to do what it takes to win.

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