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What do you guys think about the Clausen rumor?

I think there are like 12 other Clausen threads
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Tim Kawakami started that rumor, I think he's FOS

no sir, I don't like it.
I think its mostly smoke designed to get teams like Seattle to take him earlier than 13 so that one of the top OT's has a better chance of falling to us.
I think that a team should never pass on QB they consider a possible Pro-Bowler if he is available (unless they already have a probowler at QB).

It remains to be seen if the niners consider Clausen a potential Pro-Bowler...

IMHO, the niners wouldn't select him (and he won't be available at 13).
I would be very surprised if any NFL team seriously sees Clausen as an odds-on Pro Bowler.
Originally posted by Niners23:
There are already a couple long running threads talking about Clausen.
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