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Baalke expects four starters from this draft class.

2 starters, 2 good role players. Kinda the best you can expect
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Here's the article...

Well, I can see this happening. We have a great chance in landing four impact players maybe even five given the depth of this draft. I see Baalke going outside the "McC" box of draft standards and picking up guys we wouldn't under Scotty.

Ted Ginn, Jr is but one example. I look forward to more. In the first two picks we have the opportunity to address any one of these needs: OT, pass-rusher, CB, S, OG and NT. Dang man, that's impressive. This is especially interesting given that Franklin (NT), Lawson (DE/OLB), Baas (OG), M. Lewis (S), Snyder (OT) and Clements (CB) all have question marks surrounding them returning to the team in 2011. A. Davis, Graham/Kindle, Iupati, Haden, and E. Thomas can fit those needs.

Heck, I can see second, third and fourth rounders being able to fit needs. I look forward to Baalke's first draft.

So far so good...

I'm not that convinced that Baalke is entirely different than McCloughan in his philosophy. People keep pointing to the Ginn trade, but remember McCloughan took Tarell Brown in the 5th round, and he's only 5'10" which would seem to go counter to the bigger is better philosophy of McCloughan. The truth is McCloughan valued height/weight highly, but if he saw sufficient value, he'd take a smaller, quicker guy, and it seems Baalke did the same with Ginn for a 5th rounder.

What's more interesting is how the 49ers seem to be sheltering Baalke from the media as well. I don't want to sound pessimistic, but I think it's apparent, no matter how Jed tries to posture, that the niners weren't ready for a GM change, and Baalke isn't really the ideal man for the job, but he's the best we have. I, for one, would like to see us hire a veteran GM after this draft is over.

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