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Which Offensive Lineman would you choose?

Which Offensive Lineman would you choose?

49ers grab bag: Draft questions...

Daniel Browns comments in the 49ers Grab Bag prompts me to ask this question of Zoners.

Assuming the top three Tackles are taken (Okung, Bulaga, Williams) Which of these lineman would you choose at 13 or 17?

I'm leaning towards Mike Iupati. Campbell and Davis may have more potential but Iupati seems like a safer pick. I like his attitude.

On the Clock: G Mike Iupati
Davis or Campbell for me. We need to get a tackle.
it depends on what position you want Iupati to play. If the 49ers draft him as a OG, then I'd be estatic, but for RT...I'd be really upset We've tried too many times to change a players natural position based on his athletic ability or size. Leave Iupati at Guard and let him be a top 5 guard in the NFL.

For OT, Davis has too much talent to pass on IF singletary thinks he can coach and motivate him. Iupati is the safer pick, only at OG though...
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