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We have pick #49, you kiddin me???

If this isn't a great sign I don't know what is.... This will be a great pick no matter what we do with it, starter very soon.

Even if it's Tebow?
no tebow
Have we had the 49th before?
Possibly HOF
It's gonna be a punter.
Just to add some more useless fun: Patrick Willis wore 49 in college...
Originally posted by JoeO321:
no tebow Tebow.

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Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:

this is great, i dont know how many times i have done that

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Originally posted by English:
Have we had the 49th before?

Three pick 49’s for the 9er

1983 pick 49
Roger Craig RB

1974 pick 49
Delvin Williams RB

1971 pick 49
Joe Orduna RB doesn't have pick #'s before 1966 so that's all we know of
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