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Anyone else concerned about Anthony Davis's strength?

Davis isn't even 21 yet. He's young and has natural strength. His strength is one of the few things I'm not worried about.

Only thing I worry about Davis is his head.
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The Walsh Niners used to value athleticism and intelligence above all else on the line - and look how that worked out. Now that we have a McKittrick disciple as our line coach, I would expect some of these ideas to be incorporated.
You can gain strength in the weight-room. But if you're a box of rocks, you're a box of rocks - that's it; and if you're not athletic, nothing is going to change that.
Originally posted by Yoda_I_Be:
Im concerned more with his label of being lazy.

He could have all the talent in the world, but if he doesn't care about getting better you cannot draft him.

I'd rather have a 2nd round tackle with a little less talent and a lot more drive and motivation.
Originally posted by Overkill:
No. Of all the first round OT's, his run blocking ability is second only to Williams (and maybe not even that).

I think you're putting much emphasis on measureables here.

I agree that the OP is putting way too much emphasis on measurables, but what makes you say that Davis' run blocking is second only to Williams?

Everywhere else that I've read has Davis as a very good pass blocker who struggles more with run blocking.
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