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I would trade almost all of our 2nd rounders since 2000 for Marshall or Mcnabb!

thats a pretty depressing list of 2nd rounders
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Great point...people tend to wildly over-value draft picks simply because of the "possibility" that they might turn into something. However, the vast majority of draft picks end up turning into squat, though. When you have a chance to get a proven player, you should not hesistate to move picks for that person.

Why don't people understand this point? I really don't get it. If you look at the draft history of this is pathetic. One of the MAIN reasons we have been subpar for so long...

Forget the 2nd round...look at out 1st round stinkers

'95 - J.J. Stokes
'96 - No pick
'97 - Jim Druckenmiller
'98 - R.W. McQuarters
'99 - Reggie Mcgrew
'00 - Julian Peterson & Ahmed Plummer
'01 - Andre Carter
'02 - Mike Rumph
'03 - Kwame Harris
'04 - Rashuan Woods
'05 - Alex Smith
'06 - Vernon Davis
'07 - Patrick Willis & Joe Staley
'08 - Kentwan Balmer
'09 - Michael Crabtree

Manny Lawson was a first rounder in 06 w VD

He was also a 4-3 DE in college opposite Mario Williams, Tank Tyler on NC State's D-line. Why we thought we could make him in to a 3-4 OLB idk

Because he had played LB in college, and he is a freakish athlete 4.4 40 and 39.5 vertical
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