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Never done a real mock before for ANY draft....I think I have a good handle on what will happen this year, particularly with the 49ers....Here it goes:

St. Louis (1-15) - Sam Bradford
Detroit (2-14) - Russell Okung
Tampa Bay (3-13) - Ndamukong Suh
Washington (4-12) - Trent Williams
Kansas City (4-12) - Gerald McCoy
Seattle (5-11) - Bryan Bulaga
Cleveland (5-11) - Eric Berry
Oakland (5-11) - Bruce Cambell
Buffalo (6-10) - Jimmy Clausen
Jacksonville (7-9) - Joe Haden
Denver - from Chicago (7-9) - Dez Bryant
Miami (7-9) - Dan Williams
San Francisco (8-8) - CJ SPILLER
Seattle - from Denver (8-8) - DE/OLB Jason Pierre-Paul
New York Giants (8-8) - Rolando McClain
Tennessee (8-8) - Everson Griffen
San Francisco - from Carolina (8-8) ANTHONY DAVIS

Explanation for my 49ers' picks:

Spiller: I think the only team that is a true threat to take him before us is Seattle at 6, but I don't see it happening. Walter Jones isn't retired yet, but he will be soon. In a draft full of quality OL, I don't see the Hawks passing on Bulaga at that point.

We select Spiller due to two major factors. The first factor being that the offense has ZERO speed outside of Vernon Davis. Spiller adds another dimension to our attack, with it being said that Raye wants to deploy more two-back sets next season. A Gore/Coffee tandem wouldn't really work, since they do not compliment each other well. Spiller will be our multi-faceted threat, good on special teams, 3rd downs, and as a receiver out of the backfield. Not to mention the backup that Gore has needed.

The second factor being, our new GM, Trent Baalke (sp?): He has said that he isn't in the mold of an old-school mentality...He covets players that can do multiple things, no matter what the size.

Davis: Singletary is enamored with his little pet projects. Davis has all the raw skills and tools to be a dominant tackle for us on either side. With Staley's versatility, I think we select Davis here. Singletary will pride himself on molding Davis into a monster.
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I think Spiller we be gone. And it's hard to guess because everyone you have going in the top 12 makes sense.
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