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4ML's Mock Draft

I second the plaudits. I think the trade down from #13 is the way to go if the top 4 OTs are gone. I'd like to see another returner, say Holliday, Vann or Walter Thurmond.

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Originally posted by mayo63:
If Haden and Spiller are gone at 13 I like the trade down. Could happen.

I don't think Haden gets past Jags. Spiller could be there, but not sure if the management is prepared to take him at 13.
Originally posted by 49erFanOrlandoFl:
love this draft except for Brandon Spike His stock has plummeted I thought he was overrated to begin with. However if this was our selections on Draft day I would be thrilled

Thanks. Brandon Spike ran a horrible time, but speed is not really a big issue if he is playin' TED LB in the 3-4. His role will be to take on the blockers to clear the way for Willis.
Originally posted by Kalen49ers:
Like it a lot, would maybe prefer going with a WR in the 3rd round though.

I doubt we draft a WR now, unless Dez Bryant is there at 17 - which I'll be shocked to see.
Originally posted by ninerlifer:
you did alot of thinking for this draft 4ML! I like it!

and thanks for the bday wishes!

I hope you had a great time man!
Originally posted by nickbradley:
Originally posted by DynastyPart2:
I like it. I think we are going to trade #13 if the top 4 OT are gone.

I get that feeling too, but Haden may be seen as too good to pass up.

Replace Asomoha with John Jerry and you have a fantastic draft!!!
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