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With all the players we need to re-sign

we need to re-sign Willis, Goldson, VD and possibly Alex Smith if he does well this year....we need to make sure we don't price ourselves out of re-signing these guys.

At picks 13 and 17, those are 2 relatively high draft picks that will require a good amount of $ to sign.

I wonder if the 49ers will strongly be looking to move down so that they can acquire more picks in a deep draft and also hedge their salary cap by not having to pay a ton for the players thus allowing them more $ to re-sign the key individuals that are currently on the roster

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Contracts for picks 13 and 17 are not as bad as you may be thinking.

#13 Brian Orakpo got 5 years 15.4 million, with 12.1 million guaranteed.

And I'll list 16 and 18 since 17 is not comparable (Josh Freeman got paid out of slot, 5 years 26 million, with 10.245 guaranteed).

#16 Larry English got 5 years 13.55 million, with 9.9 million guaranteed.

#18 Jeremy Maclin got 5 years 15.5 million, with 9.5 million guaranteed.
Gotta pay to play
We will be okay
I am sick of people talking about re-signing people and the money that is associated with it. Other teams not only re-sign their star players but go out and get quality players via trade or FA (see Patriot, Jets, Cowboys, and so forth).
why did I put this topic in the Draft area.

There, I finished you sentence correctly.
I think you all fail to realize not only do they not outlay the cash of a mid-1st rd pick....they also acquire more picks in this deep draft to improve depth on the roster.

its a realistic scenario
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