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teeohh's first ever mock (update on page 2)

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If I were the Seahawks I would take Berry with my 1st pick and then trade my other 1st rounder for Brandon Marshall and then address my Oline in the 2nd and 3rd rounds
Here's how I see it going down for now:

1. Rams - Sam Bradford QB
2. Lions - Russell Okung OT
3. Buccaneers - Ndamukong Suh DT
4. Redskins – Trent Williams OT
5. Chiefs – Eric Berry, FS
6. Seahawks – Bryan Bulaga, OT
7. Browns – CJ Spiller, RB
8. Raiders – Gerald McCoy, DT
9. Bills - Jimmy Clausen QB
10. Jaguars – Derrick Morgan, DE
11. Broncos - Dez Bryant WR
12. Dolphins – Earl Thomas, FS
13. 49ers – Bruce Campbell, OT
14. Seahawks – Jason Pierre-Paul, DE
15. Giants - Rolando McClain LB
16. Titans – Joe Haden, CB
17. 49ers – Golden Tate, Brandon Graham, or Kyle Wilson.
Originally posted by teeohh:
the scenario I will be wishing for though is with the top 4 remaining the same and this:

kc - trent williams
sea - eric berry
cle - derrick morgan
oak - bruce campbell/taylor mays/ anyone that doesn't make sense
buff - jimmy clausen
jax - cj spiler/haden
den - dez bryant/dan williams
mia - dan williams
sf - bryan bulaga

I think Oakland takes Anthony Davis, only because of his last name.
Glad to see you more and more involved in the draft room, teeoh.
So my first step is in determining who I'm 99.9% sure will go top 12

in no order: Sam Bradford, Gerald McCoy, Ndamukong Suh, Eric Berry, CJ Spiller, Russell Okung, Jimmy Clausen - this makes 7

The next guys I'm 75% on - Trent Williams, Bryan Bulaga, Derrick Morgan - this makes 3

60% - Dez Bryant, JPP, Dan Williams, Joe Haden, Anthony Davis, Bruce Campbell (Only because of the Raiders) - adds up to total of 16

here we go!

1. Rams - Sam Bradford QB

2. Lions - Ndamukong Suh DT
Some of you think Okung is the pick here, and while it does make a lot of sense I just don’t see them passing on Suh

3. Buccaneers - Gerald McCoy DT

4. Redskins - Trent Williams
Just going off the talk that Williams fits the scheme better

5. Chiefs - Eric Berry
I think this could be the position Berry goes, the Chiefs or a team could trade up to take him. Other players I wouldn't rule out here are Dan Williams NT, and I visited a Chiefs board and Rolando McClain was discussed here. This pick is a hard one to predict.

6. Seahawks - Russell Okung
They get lucky. I could see them go defense here as well.

7. Browns - Jimmy Clausen
Call me crazy but I wouldn't be surprised if the Rams and Browns pull off a trade. Rams could use more picks to help their garbage team.

8. Raiders - Bruce Campbell OT
David White thinks so and I believe him

9. Bills - Bryan Bulaga OT
With Clausen and 2 tackles gone I can see this happening. I also wouldn't rule out Dan Williams either

10. Jaguars - Joe Haden CB
I had Spiller here before, it can go either way in my opinion.

11. Broncos - Dan Williams NT
I had Dez Bryant here before, I think either is possible, along with Roland McClain.

12. Dolphins - CJ Spiller
No way Spiller gets past the Dolphins here imo. If he's gone I can see them taking Graham.

13. 49ers - Brandon Graham
With Charles Brown and Anthony Davis still on the board, and no worry of the Seahawks taking one of them, I hope the 49ers make this pick.

14. Seahawks - Derrick Morgan DE
I think this could be the pick at 6 if Okung and Williams are gone

15. Giants - Rolando McClain LB

16. Titans - Jason Pierre Paul DE
Everson Griffin could be an option here too.

17. 49ers - Charles Brown OT
If the Seahawks don't take a tackle with their 6th pick, I think he's gone at 14.
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