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"Short Board" theory

Pretty interesting way of doing things:

"While most teams list all potential picks on their draft board, with grades on everyone from potential first-round picks to rookie free agents, teams such as the Patriots, Broncos and Chiefs work from a much shorter list. Players who don't fit the team's framework, on or off the field, are removed from consideration before the draft starts.

The result is a far smaller pool of players from which to choose. Last April, the Broncos made 10 selections from a board that included fewer than 100 names. The draft included 256 players, and some teams had more than 300 names on their board."

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Too bad all the teams listed have 3-4 defenses, since they would not even consider 3-4 OLB and possibly NT.
I personally like the short board theory. We know that we are not likely to take a QB, no matter who drops to us. We also are not likely to get into WRs, TEs, FBs etc. So that takes a lot of people out of the process. I would like to simply focus on the players that meet our standards and are players we want in the rounds we want them in. The rest will be trade issues and how we could get to the players we want.
Good concept. I would like to see our Draft board.
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I agree that a short board is the way to go. If a player is talented, but his talents don't fit your system, picking him will probably be a waste of a pick. But I do think you still need a Big Board that tracks everyone likely to be drafted or be priority free agents. The reason for this is to have a better handle on where you players might fall in the grand scheme of things. If you can predict that well, you can accumulate picks to add more players from your own short board.

In the famous 1986 draft, the top player on Bill Walsh's board was Larry Roberts. The club traded down multiple times and still got him in the second round! The extra picks were used to draft what is considered one of the top draft classes of all time!

If Paraag is such a numbers genius who is trying to implement the Billy Bean theory into the NFL, you'd think he'd have computer models on every team, their needs, and their likely draft picks based on those teams known preferences.
I think the 49ers and McCloughan have used this strategy before. I think they have a list of players they put 1st round grades on and have been trying to get at least two per year. They had Rey Malaluga as a first round grade but he was picked a few selections before our 2nd round pick last year, so they traded out of that because no one was left on our short board as a first round talent. So we get two firsts this year
Seems like smart move.
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