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Local team beat writers Mock Draft

Originally posted by maxsmart:
Originally posted by KOniner:

13. 49ers: CB Joe Haden,
17. 49ers: OT Anthony Davis,

These picks are OK, but I would prefer that they trade down with one of these picks, only IF, they get a good deal (eg #1 in 20's plus and extra early-mid #2). If a no-brainer tackle is there, take him of course.

Haden isn't a likely all-pro CB and has average athleticism. Davis is a real high risk. For such high picks, I'd prefer to take less risky picks (ie. sure things). Take risks in later rounds.

The strength of this draft isn't at the top. Rather it's a DEEP draft, with very good players throughout the 1st rd and top half of rd 2. Players taken at #23 will likely be just as good as those at #13-17. If you trade down, you get two good players for the price of one. Also financially, high picks are paid highly, and you get better 'bang for the buck' with late #1 and #2 picks. In the 20's you may get Kyle Wilson, Kindle, Graham, Odrick, Iupati, Earl Thomas, maybe Anthony Davis . . . . with extra Rd 2 get Saffold, Best, etc. Of course, only if you get a really good offer.

Excellent post. I like Wilson as much as Haden, and Saffold as much as Brown or Davis. If we could get those two, and an Odrick, Graham, Iupati as well, that would be great.
hate it or love it if we dont do a trade and stay at 13 and 17 i see us taking these 2 players, to me it is the most likely scenario
If they have a shot at Haden and an OT, I think they're are filling needs. If it's Davis, I hope they are able to trade down and pick another 3rd but either way, they will be plugging gaps.
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