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Watch Clausen's workout Live

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clausen was 57-59 for his passes

he tore that defense up
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That makes no sense. They are heavily invested in Cassel

that's what I thought. I went to see what they thought about the Bulaga rumors and they hate it.

I would be upset about taking Bulaga that high also. Give Cassel some play makers at WR. After taking Tyson Jackson so high last year the Chiefs are a wild card team that might draft anybody.

i agree i think they need playmakers but i think they take berry he is just to good and their defense was i can also see them trading down to get dez bryant

i acually have a strong feeling one of the OTs will fall to us

1 bradfird
2 suh
4 okung
5 berry
7. mcclain or haden
8 bruce cambell or jpp
9 claussen
10haden or mcclain
11dan williams
12 graham or kindle or dez bryant
13 trent williams

there is a big chance the first 13 picks play like that

I think they will between the Chiefs, Raiders, Jacksonville, and Cleveland 2 of them will take Bryant and Spiller imo. They could really use Berry so i could see that. It's great to look at team needs but every year in the top 10 2 or 3 teams just say forget team needs we are taking this guy. One of these Ot's gotta fall to the Niners.
As posted in the Pro Days Thread

Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen threw for scouts Friday morning in South Bend, easing concerns about his surgically repaired toe.
According to scouts in attendance, Clausen "looked pretty good," driving the ball on intermediate routes and completing 57 of 59 passes overall. His two incompletions come on long balls in which he overthrew his receiver.

Like Sam Bradford's Pro Day, Clausen's workout was scripted. He took 3, 5 and 7 steps drops, though he did not attempt any bootlegs or perform in the 40-yard dash due to the fact that he is still recovering from the injury. Afterwards he described himself as "75-80%" of his normal self. Clausen has only recently been able to throw and fully workout following his surgery, January 5. Due to the surgery, Clausen was unable to workout for scouts at the Combine or in Notre Dame's first Pro Day. Clausen will be traveling to Indianapolis for a medical re-check, but afterwards has visits and private workouts lined up with several clubs, including the St. Louis Rams, Washington Redskins and Buffalo Bills.

Clausen threw to four former Notre Dame receivers: Golden Tate, James Aldridge, Robby Parris and David Grimes.

There were 16 teams represented Friday. Among the heavy hitters in attendance at Clausen's Pro Day were St. Louis general manager Billy Devaney, head coach Steve Spagnuolo, Buffalo general manager Buddy Nix, and Seattle offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates.
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