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Love the trade and all the work put in to this mock. For me personally, i think our offense needs more attention. Not using either 2nd round or 3rd on offense? I dunno

I agree with you but, This isn't a mock of what I WANT per se. Though i'd be happy with it. It's more of a prediction of what i think will happen. My "draft" would have either Bryant, Tate or McCluster in it personally. I just don't see them doing that.

I hope you are wrong about Tate and McCluster. I think they would be great additions in the late first or mid second. Taking Donald Butler in the 2nd seems like a big reach too me. I would rather take someone like Lamar Houston or Carrington at DE at that point if you want to address the defense.

Im assuming krizay meant taking Tate/McCluster in the 2nd or what the late first acquired in the trade in his mock.