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Top OT's Off the Board. What Now??

The only option to Trade up would be for Eric Berry if he falls a bit other than him no other player is worth trading up.

Trading down would be the best scenario for the 49ers and picking up a few extra draft picks and selecting Brown from USC or Pouncey from Florida, with Kyle Wilson as the other pick as well!
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Originally posted by ninertico:
My contribution similar to your question...

For me, I see Spiller or Haden being the pick at #13 if the top 4 OTs are gone. I really think that Jax may select Haden as they need a CB and local boy keeps fans in seats. If that is the case, Spiller becomes the obvious choice as he would probably be the only remaining top 10 pick at that juncture.

Spiller or Trade back...if Clausen is there, maybe Minny would want to jump up?

Thanks for the link=] I gotta agree that we're going to be looking at Spiller or Haden at 13. I like your thinking on Jax taking Haden. Just because the niners avoid taking local guys (Rogers) doesn't mean other teams will. We're going to pass on Clausen since we took zero interest in McNabb. I'd bet money on it.

I wouldn't mind trading back to a late first with the 2nd pick but I doubt anyone would give up much for that spot and we'd risk not getting any tackle.
Originally posted by mayo63:
Originally posted by BigBug415:
Originally posted by mayo63:
Yeah, I want two OL in the first and get this OL fixed already. Any combination and Iupati. Get this line fixed now.

If we draft 2 rookie OL in the 1st round we will be 7-9 guarantee.

Let them fight it out with the veterans in TC. May the best man win. I aint afraid of starting no rookies.

I'm not saying we don't need to draft OL, I am saying I think there's going to be much better value in the 1st round, and we shouldn't reach for the 4th rated tackle who is lazy, uninspired, and has motivational issues.

But I do agree we should draft a tackle or two, and a guard as well, just not in the first round.
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