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Mel Kiper's 49ers Draft

In related news, Todd McShay's draft is FUBAR.
Originally posted by 9erred:
I cannot stand Kiper, but I will tell you I think if the niners followed his advice over donhoues and McCloughans, they probably would be a better team. I am down with
1A Haden
1B Davis/iiupati

However my preference, as most on this board know is

1A Spiller or Trent Williams if available obviously
1B Graham, the sack master the niners need

Trade 2 and 3 to move up and draft Charles Rogers at OT. I also would be ok with drafting Rogers at OT at 17, a slight reach, but a product that I believe can start from day one.

Who is Rogers??
Originally posted by sspiker:
In related news, Todd McShay's draft is FUBAR.

for real us taking clausen at 17 LOL
As to Helmet Hair....A.K.A. Count Chockulla ,his picks are like any other "analist" they have to make some that are controversial just to keep their names in print.
Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
I saw him at the Nabisco Dinah Shore golf tournament this weekend.

Ahhhh....Darth Helmet.
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