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49erswebzone collaborative big board: #5

49erswebzone collaborative big board: #5

Who do you want to be #5 on the 49ers big board? In other words, if the 49ers were choosing #5, and these players were already taken, who would you want them to choose? (If you want to vote for a player that doesn't appear in the poll, just write them in a post and I will put them in the poll.) The final count for the poll will be taken tonight at 12:00 PST.

Players already taken:
DT Ndamukong Suh
OT Russell Okung
S Eric Berry
DT Gerald McCoy

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JPP is without question the best player on the board. We have to have him high on the list!!!
It has to be either Bulaga or Williams
I think it's Williams over Bulaga, he just has a higher ceiling.
I'm going with Bulaga over Williams because I think he has more of a potential to play LT as well as RT.
Bulaga is next on the big board.
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