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My Draft Wish

I'm thinking this may be a good draft idea tell me what you guys think.

1.Trade the 13th pick for the eagles 24th and 37th picks because they want C.J Spiller and Seattle will try to take him.

2.We can take Mike Iupati with the 17th pick and Taylor Mays with the 24th

3.Then in the 2nd round we can get Jahvid Best with the 37th pick, he could solve our return man issue and add another dimension to our offense.

4.With the 45th pick we take OT Charles Brown from USC.

This could fill most off our teams holes.

What do you guys think?
Go 49ers

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A few things:

1.) In order for that trade to work, the niners would have to toss in their own 3rd or 4th rounder. Also I can't see Philly making that move, because they already have a dynamic KR/PR in Jackson. If they wanted a change of pace back, they could easily take Best at 24, or if they wanted another workhorse RB, they could get Matthews if he fell there.

2.) I'm not sure if Best will even make it to 37, I think someone will take him in the first few picks of the 2nd round.

3.) The niners pick 49th in the 2nd round, and there's no way Charles Brown makes it out of the first round of this draft.

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