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PuPs 2010 Mock

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how many time on this board......THERES NOBODY NAMED "LUPATI" IN THE DRAFT!!!!!!!!

[ Edited by fan49 on Apr 6, 2010 at 17:31:40 ]
Originally posted by pupsingh:
1a. Mike Lupati
1b. traded to denver for brandon marshall
2. traded to baltimore for Gathier
3. traded to buffalo for marshawn lynch
4. Myron Rolle

OG: check
OT: check
backup RB: check
marshall: bonus

how about #13 and 5th traded to HOU for #20 and #51 (they move up to get Joe Haden, they NEED corner back)
#17 Kyle Wilson
#20 (from HOU) Iupati
#49 trade to BAL for Gathiers
#51 trade to CHI for 2011 1st (they want to move up and pick an OT- maybe Tony Washington?)
#81 Brandon Spikes
#113 Myron Rolle
#145 (traded to houston)

We end up with: Kyle Wilson, Mike Iupati, Jared Gathiers, Brandon Spikes, Myron Rolle and and extra 1st next year. I'd muh rather that than take on all that salary from Lynch and have to deal with Marshall's contract.
Plus with CHI next year 1st we will be able to get Jonathan Baldwin (will end up being the second best WR behind AJ Green, Julio Jones is overrated and although Micheal Floyd is great, Baldwin is faster, stronger, more athletic and taller. Will be a BEAST)
i would like that if chicago would do that trade
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