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7 round niner mock - with alternatives

Is Miller projected to be there in the 7th - if so I love the pick, better prospect than Sheets was a year ago IMO.

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- Not a fan of Haden. If you insist on secondary help so early, then Earl Thomas is a good choice.

- Organizations don't just "take whichever OT drops". They like certain prospects, and that's it. Still, not a bad pick with Davis here.

- It's a round too early for either Jones safety.

- Asamoah in the 3rd is excellent.

- Easily, Jacoby Ford in the 4th, if he's actually still available for us.

- pretty decent with the remaining picks.
Not bad at all. Too high for Brown and for either safety you picked in the 2nd round imo. Everything else is good. And Ford over Banks allday.
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