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anyone pick up any draft guide magazines yet?

I picked up the sporting news one the other day, its decent, but they have Crompton as a 1st rd pick and Pouncey as a 3rd rd pick.

Then I picked up the USA Today one and all I have to say is MUCH MUCH BETTER.

So anyone else pick one up, maybe the PFW or another one?
I haven't bought a draft magazine since around 2000. By the time they hit the stands they are over a month old. Plus, we have all of the great draft boards on this website, so why even bother with the old news.
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I bought PFW's and Lindy's. They're generally pretty close, but it's just bathroom reading material for me.
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Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:

So what lucky b***h we getting at #13?

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