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Singletary is becoming a caveat to BPA in that he's personally looking at a number of players on the Niners radar to determine passion for the game, work ethic, and overall character. There are a number of "BPA's" he might opt to not pursue if any of his criteria aren't met. I like that...and have heard he's the most active of all 32 NFL head coaches in his draft prep. He's also shown he's not afraid to take certain guys he feels he can mold into the kind of players he wants. Overall, I really like his approach and believe his personal evaluations will pay some good dividends.

As for our specific draft, in my mind Haden would be considered BPA for two, he's the top-rated CB, and it also happens to be a position of need. Ditto the best OT on the board. So, I believe we'll come out of the 1st round in great shape and get our fair share + of "BPA's".
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Here's how Trent Baalke addressed this issue in the most recent Matt Barrows column:

"TB: We're a value-based team. Obviously we look at needs but we want the board to reflect the best players down. The board is going to reflect their value as a player, OK? Then we'll address the needs. You obviously want to take the best available player so if there's a clear difference between two players, we're going to take the best available player. It's not always necessarily going to be at the need position. When two players are very similar in ability and they're at two different positions, that's when you can look and say, 'You know what? They're both very similar, let's address the need.' That way, you're always adding good football players to the roster."

I would look at last year and assume there were a half dozen guys similarly rated. They intended to draft Oher from among those because he filled a need. But when Crabtree dropped, they had him clearly higher rated, so they changed their pick.
BPA means Best Player Available on team in questioned draft board

each teams board is different and unique

so while the selection might not be BPA according to your draft board, it might be according to theirs
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