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Niners looking at ILBs

Looks like we're looking for insurance policies for both sides actually. We re-signed Wilhelm as a backup to Spikes, and drafted McKillop last year who could play either spot.

Now Vincent Rey of Duke would most likely play the Mike spot on our team. This would best utilize his tremendous athleticism, as he really put on a show for scouts at his Pro-Day, clocking 4.54 and throwing up 20 reps on the bench. Rey's about 6-0 240, and he's one of those players who showcases strong ability not just in defense, but on special teams, a very.. very.. important thing if you want to get drafted, and probably another reason why we're interested.
They could take one in the draft...but it most likely won't be early on. Having re-signed Wilhelm, it takes some of the urgency away from getting another ILB. I wouldn't write off McKillop yet, either. He got some PT at ILB, but it was mostly on ST's. In his 2nd year, I believe Singletary will give him more of an opportunity to b/u the starters.
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