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Trade up for Spiller?

Trade up for Spiller?

Where's the option for "Hell No, we already have frank gore and spent an early pick on COFFEE" Or the option for "HELL NO, Spillers was a 1 year wonder, and couldnt keep Davis off the field his sophomore and junior year" BTW....Davis, who Spillers couldn't beat out for the starting job, went in the 6th round to the Browns. HMMMMM....The only reason Spillers had a good senior year was because Davis went to the NFL. Otherwise, he'd have posted another 775 yard year, with 300 yards catching and 8 td's.....NOT WITH MY #13.....Trading UP? You gotta be kidding. This spillers $hit has GOT to stop........RB is prolly the LAST thing we need at this point.
OK.....I'm over it.
I'd rather we trade down than pick Spiller.

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Originally posted by PA9erFaithful:
Are we really going to be giving a guy who won't even be our starting RB more money than Frank Gore? Well that's what would happen if we traded up for Spiller, and it would be close to that even if we stayed put and got him at #13.

It doesnt matter who you draft at #13 he will make about the same as Gore. That's why there needs to be a salary cap. Spiller may not be the starter, but his speed on the edge will greatly improve the offense.
No...there are plenty of quality RB's/KR's later in the draft. He could fall to us, anyway. But, I'd rather have Haden...much bigger position of need, since this is probably Clements' last season in SF. Haden and best OT would be a great 1st rd for us. Best OT and Iupati would be great, too. No reason to trade up...really.