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Jared Odrick

So, I've seen a few mock drafts with the niners taking this guy at either 13 or 17, and I believe either Barrows or Maiocco commented on him being a contender for a 49er pick a while ago. The argument is that the niners were seriously considering Tyson Jackson if he had dropped to them at #10 last year, and Odrick is very similar to Jackson.

So, for people who may know more than me: how good of a 3-4 DE would Odrick be for us, and is it feasible for the 49ers to go out and draft him, along with BPA OT in the 1st?
I went to PSU and follow them closely..the guy is an animal...I was happy w/ the drafting of Anthony Adams when we got him a few yrs ago but Odrick puts Adams to shame w/ his talent. He's a dominating player, constantly beat double teams and got up field pressure.

Keep in mind the Big 10 is usually where the best OL/DL play..and this guy dominated
If we move back to the 20's he becomes a real possibility...I don't see his value being that high in the teen's.
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