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My favorite mock draft to date

Hell yes. As long as we get a return specialist (Leroy Vann), this would be an excellent first two rounds.
Originally posted by MiamiNiner:
Two defensive players out of three possible picks in the first two rounds.....when we really need the help on offense...doesnt make that much sense.

Ditto. The Niners need to replace two OL positions within the first three picks IMO. In the Great Blue scenario, the Niners could select BPA at #13, Iupati at #17, trade Baas and the #49 to select Saffold at #41.
I'd take Bulaga, Campbell or even Charles Brown over Trent Williams...all have LT abilities and meet more of OL Coach Solari's criteria than Williams does. While I wouldn't mind either Haden or Spiller, I'd just as soon grab the big Somoan, Iupati and be done with the OL upgrade from the get-go. 2nd rd is a great spot to grab one of the better CB's, like Kareem Jackson from Alabama. CB is a more critical position than really don't understand the big push for one.
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