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Post Free Agency Mock: Many Realistic Surprises

God.....please have Berry rape an under age kid.

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This mock has to be just for shock value. There are simply too many things that could never happen.
Originally posted by Niners23:
You don't have Dez Bryant going anywhere in the first round, and the chances of that happening are much lower than Berry falling to 13.

Until Dez works out and does his 40, i have no idea where to put him. If he runs a 4.3-4.4 hes a top 10. If he runs a 4.5 he'd prob be mid to late 1st. If he runs a 4.6+, he'd pull a Malcolm Kelly and drop out of the 1st. I think Dez is the key to this whole draft. He is the one guy that can change a lot of picks.
I'll be very surprised if either Bulaga or Berry fall out of the top 10...anything can happen, of course, especially if there are some trades early on. But, I wouldn't hold my breath on either guy. If Bulaga's there at #13, he should be the pick...if not, it's anyone's guess, but we all know OL is Singletary and now Baalke's biggest priority. I'd love it if we came out of the 1st rd with one of the top OT's and Iupati, who for his huge size is amazingly quick on his feet (i.e. what Coach Solari's looking for). If not, then Haden or Spiller, as I see both guys having immediate impact abilities.
Didn't the redskins pick Landry in the top10?

btw great draft... for us!
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