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Niners get a compensatory pick in the 6th round

So...isn't that 10 total picks now? Or 9...either way, if Baalke/Singletary get it right, it could be a bonanza draft.
Why not the linebacker from Wisconsin who tore up his leg in the Senior Bowl
practices if he is still there. I think his name is O'Brien Schofield and he was
doing well at the Sr. Bowl.

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Originally posted by Ang:
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
We should get a compensatory pick in the 1st round for having the Yorks as our owners.

SD...I am going to say this one last time, and I am going to do so publicly so everyone else is aware as well...

PLEASE refrain from bringing your complaints with the ownership of this team into every thread. If you want to vent and state your disapproval, DO SO IN THE APPROPRIATE AND ALREADY EXISTING THREADS. Your current ways of posting your displeasure are not only taking threads offtrack, but can be interpreted as "trollish" and will no longer be acceptable. If you have any questions, I will be awaiting your message via PM.

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