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I would not trade up early in the first but if someone slides that could start for us in the bottom of the first i would make the attempt. I would offer a 2nd and a fourth, but no way to give up next years number. If Alex doesnt work out next year is going to be deep at QB.

If A. Smith doesn't"work out", he will be gone, Sing & Ray would be lucky to survive. A new 5 yr. plan with a rookie QB. thrown to the wolves. Better throw the kitchen sink at this draft, mortgage the farm and use every possible resource, including next yrs 1st to get as many impact players for this yrs push to the play offs. Drafting projects and bench warmers won't help this yr or 2011 if there is a lock out. Next yrs #1 has more value now with the division there for the taking, as opposed to saving it for rebuilding .

A rookie QB can do pretty well behind a good OL, with a good running game and a stout defense (i.e. Mark Sanchez)...

Not that it matters. Carr would be the starter next year and they could bring a rookie along a littler slower if they wanted to.

I agree, so why not get the OL some more talent, draft a COP back & RS., a play maker on defense.I'm a not excited about 2011, I'd rather load up on all the talent we can get our hands on now. Next yr. is as close to the play offs as we've been in 7 yrs., take the division with a young hungery team, starting with this draft.