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Favorite 49er draft day memory

Originally posted by SonocoNinerFan:
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when we drafted steve young.

I remember scratching my head when I heard we traded for him on draft day in 87. Of course by then nobody was questioning Walsh . . . and rightly so.

Terrance Flagler and Steve Young in the same draft was like a dream come true!
Patrick Willis
Originally posted by jimbagg:
1st round - CB Ronnie Lott
2nd round - CB Eric Wright
3rd round - SS Carlton Williamson

Don't tell me that drafting for need is a bad policy.

The genius that was Walsh.
Originally posted by KOniner:
Such short memories. The year was 1986, the year after we drafted Jerry Rice. Walsh saw the team could get old real fast and started to wheel and deal for more picks. He traded out of the first round because he felt there were so many second-tier level players at similar grades. We came away with one second, three third, and three fourth rounders. Here is what came out.

Second Round: DE Larry Roberts. A serviceable end who was shuttled in for pass rush support.

Third Round: WR John Taylor an all-pro receive opposit of JR who also returned punts; CB Tim McKyer, a very serviceable corner with cocky attitude that served him well; and FB Tom Rathman, who opene holes for Roger Craig and was dependable third down outlet for Montana long before there ever was a Dallas Clark.

Fourth Round (here it really was amazing): OT Steve Wallace, a very dependable LT who was underrated but made a few pro bowls; DT/DE Kevin f*gon who was that decades version of Justin Smith; and DE Charles Haley who was mentioned for Hall of Fame membership this year. BTW, if we never traded Haley to the Cowgirls, we probably would have won two more Super Bowls in the Nineties and be the team of the decade for both the 80s and 90s. Now that was a bad move.

Sixth Round: And for the cherry on top, we get starting CB Don Griffin in the sixth who round and who rounds out our secondary with Lott manning the middle.

How can you not smile at that draft.

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