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Laamar Houston in Round 2

I know our D line has was good last year, but Kentwan has BUST all over him and SMith is getting older now (still has 1 or 2 good years left i'd say), but this guy could be brought in and developed to play at the DE position or play DT when we play nickle/ dime defense. I think he would be a great pickup, though not of the biggest need. So, BPA (maybe houston, or maybe a surprise player) or need (Vladamire Ducasse)? Your thoughts.
Thought he was projected to go a round or two later.
Not that i'm aware of. His stock is at an all time high after a great Senior Bowl and combine. He was overlooked in that D-fense due to big name players like Sergio Kindle and Earl Thomas. Had 7 sacks this year and will definatley be going in the first half of the second round. Lamarr Houston would be a good pick up, just don't know if he is the best option.
Houston has been making a big impression so far this offseason. He may not be a prototypical NT, but I think he could do it in a rotation with someone like Franklin. I think he would be better suited as a 5 technique DE where Balmer has to finally step it up or step off the team.
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