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Eric Berry can fall to number 13. Here's how

Originally posted by teeohh:
Originally posted by Jakemall:
I'd be okay with that...don't expect it though..then again Crabtree??

People say "so and so is impossible, zero chance of happening" but the draft doesn't play out like it should. There are reaches, shockers, and headscratches every year. It's very unpredictable.

and thats why its so intriguing as well.
crabtree fell to 10 to us.. anything can happen
Originally posted by OregonDuckNiner:
crabtree fell to 10 to us.. anything can happen

It's more reasonable for somebody to fall to 10 which is still in the top 10. #13 doesn't normally have the best players fall to that #.

Berry is a good player but he's somewhat overrated on this board. We can do just as well at #13 and #17 without him.
Originally posted by Kolohe:
This reminds me of the time we tried to come up with scenarios for LaRon Landry falling to us at 11. LOL dude didn't even make it out of the top 10, and Eric Berry is a faaar better prospect than Landry is. Throw ALL and I mean ALL drafting Eric Berry scenarios out the window, its not gonna happen!!!! Only way is to trade up, and dinosaur McCloughan will not do it!!!
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Originally posted by 9erluv415:
Haden will fall, not berry. NFL Network folks say Clev could take Berry if he's there.

I've been saying for some time now, and you can chisel this in stone: Berry is not going to be on the board at 7 and see the Browns select anyone else.

The Browns secondary was really bad last year, and Brodney Pool is probably not coming back. So, Berry is the complete no-brainer.

P.S. For those referencing Crabtree, once again, as I argued in his contract dispute, the inability to work out is what caused his drop on draft day. Hence, my argument that he deserved consideration for an amount outside the normal slot.

Berry has worked out for scouts, and has looked tremendous. This is just his way to solidify his final draft grade and top 7 selection.

The one counter argument I can make is with the new front office in place at Cle, those guys love them some offensive players. I still have my money on Dez going to Cle. The farthest I can see Berry go is to #10 at Jacksonville.
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