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RT or Spiller @ 13

RT or Spiller @ 13

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Originally posted by CorvaNinerFan:
It depends on who's available...I still can't figure out why so many fans are still on the Trent Williams bandwagon. He's slow, only plays RT well...all the other top OT's can play LT and are more agile. For those who say, RT is the spot Singletary wants to fill, that's only partly right. He'd expect any OT taken to have the ability to play both positions, and that's where Williams falls short. Even Charles Brown would be a better pick...he's very agile, plays both positions, and is adept at zone blocking, which Coach Solari is implementing this off-season. FWIW, both Singletary and Mac have said it's not a given that Pashos goes to the 'Skins just because Foerster went there. They want to re-sign him.

He was the fastest lineman at the combine. Also who cares if he can't play LT, we have a LT. I want a guy who plays the position we need well, and Williams fits the bill. People really under estimate the impact that having to play all over the line because OU couldn't stay healthy had on him last season.
Now a lot depends on who Seattle takes first, if it's tackle, then we likely can wait until 17. If not we have to take one at 13.
Originally posted by AXEGRINDER:
Originally posted by KRS-1:
How many Spiller threads/polls are needed ?

apparently sky's the limit.

Asking for no Spiller threads/polls is like asking for no mock drafts without a combination of spiller/RT/graham/Iupati
Spiller and Lupati would be more than cool with me!
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