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Where's the speed?

Originally posted by dlance:
This is not really fare to say. Hill was the fastes WR the year they drafted him. Vernon was the fastes TE. they singed Jones a 4.4 Wr last year so they have some speed I think they don't have an Quick fast player. there is a difference in being quick and being fast. pluse look at the Raiders they have all kinds of speed.

Dear dlance:

I am certainly not advocating that we become the Raiders.
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Scot's response was that if you make an exception then you have a "team of exceptions" and you have to stick to your philosophy, which sounds ridiculous to me.

First time I read this statement, this was the look on my face:

Patrick Willis is the exception!!!! Which other ILB runs 4.3
Scots response is a smoke screen. See last year when Scot said we would pick a 220+ lb RB and ended up with a 209 lb Glen Coffee

Willis ran a 4.49 at the combine. Fast but not what you are quoting. Running on a super fast, super springy rubber track at his home university on his pro day doesn't count. It's not an equal surface with the Indy combine surface. Fast yes but 4.49.

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in same interview scot mccoughlin call himself a dinosaur maybe we should make him extinct like one if we are still a slow team after this draft i say fire scot he has ignored glaring talented little men d jackson from cal would have been a great returner and wr we passed on him for kentwan balmer big bodied bust now i hear he is wont draft fast back spiller for same reasons he is an idiot with that philosophy the steve smith percy harvin barry sanders reggie bush these are just a few examples of explosive little men this years draft is loaded with them t holliday ran a 4.2 forty yard dash he 5ft 5 golden tate ran a 4.3 forty he 5ft 10in j best ran a 4.3 forty he is 5ft 10 inches cj spiller ran a 4.3 forty he is 5ft 11 inches 196lbs there is a theme very explosive short guys who weigh less than 200lbs we need a gm with his mind open to drafting some of these explosive small players
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