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Bill Walsh spirit just told me who to draft!

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Fellas it came to me like a vision in the night and it was so plain like a piece of wheat bread without the peanut butter and the jelly! First he said to take building blocks for a strong foundation in the first round and I said coach who on earth would that be and he said," with the 13th pick grab the next Charles Haley and I said who is that and he said Brandon Graham! I said wow coach you think he's that good, and he said Graham could even turn out to be a little bit better than Haley. Graham is so disrupted in the passing game and running game that he will be the game-changer the 49ers so desperately need. With the second pick coach walsh said to trade back and get a second and a fifth rounder and with the late first grab mount cody! I said coach your going to get me choked on the webzone and he said that mount cody reminds him of the nose guard Michael Carter who was an all pro! As I contemplate what coach said I new in my heart that what he said would solve a lot of problems on both sides of the ball. mount Cody would make our run defense a top 5 defense! Graham would take our pass rush to an elite level coupled with Willis and Goldson we have a dominating foundation sort of on the 85 bears level! Okay let me make a long story short these are all the picks he told me to take!

13th. Graham
25th. Cody
2nd a. iupati
2nd b. Campbell
3rd. T. Mays
4th. blount rb
5th. arenas cb
5th. peek te
I'll let you all decide the last two! But this draft will take us to the championship and coach walsh called it!

It was a joke but you have to admit it's a good mock draft, the best I have ever seen!

That's because you have players drafted way after they'll actually go. Watch I can do the same thing.

13th. Russell Okung
25th. Brandon Graham
2nd Iupati
2nd Ndamukong Suh
3rd. Eric Berry
4th. Dez Bryant
5th. Joe Haden
5th. Sam Bradford
6th. Jason Pierre-Paul
7th. CJ Spiller

pretty good draft right? Probability of it happening?....not so good.

Yours not logical mine is bubba!

Iupati, Campbell in the 2nd and Mays in the 3rd is logical in your opinion?

Campbell might have gotten himself in the top 15 but iupati got his rear end handed to him at senior bowl I think it dropped him out of 1st round. And Mays will be there in the third remember that other safety from usc that could not run like mays? Enough said!

Ok, so you're not joking? Which is it? If your original post is a joke, where's the funny part? It just looks like a bad mock. You need to work on your comedy before insulting people for not realizing it's a joke. Unless you manage to invent a font for sarcasm.
The ramblings of a maniac...

I saw a mock draft like this once, but it was written in s**t on a padded wall.
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