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Worst Draft Pick Ever

I can see Krazy's logic a bit - 2 pics for each Davis and Lawson, if anything Lawson has been average/decent at best during his tenure here. He was drafted to replace Peterson.... not quite the replacement (but I wouldn't have paid Peterson $30 mil either).

LOL - I love Ninertalk...

Here's something that will make you all go nuclear:

Davis was one season removed from being a bust. In essence if he didn't produce in 2009 he would be on the BUST list with emerging bust Kentwan Balmer.

Ok.. let's do it:


Druckenmiller, Woods, Flagler, Dexter Carter, Hall, Balmer, Kwame, Carmazzi(not 1st Rd), Spurrier, Ogilvie, Leek, Tanner, Bildungsroman, Swayle, Van Popple, Simpkins, Brothers Johnson, Pat McGroin, need I go on.
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